Does this lift void my vans factory warranty?


Does the lift kit change the ride quality?

The van should drive relatively the same. After installation the van is a few inches taller so it is more prone to swaying which is why SumoSprings are recommended to help stiffen the suspension and depending on the van a rear sway bar can also help improve the ride. Also after the installation because adjustments are made to the motors subframe the motor mounts are adjusted, as a result you may notice a slight vibration in the steering wheel while stopped or while in reverse. This vibration is not causing any damage, you are just feeling the natural vibration through the motor mount because it is slightly tighter than before so it does not dampen the vibration as effectively.

Is there any maintenance?

No, though due to the RAM ProMaster having weaker front axles we recommend that each time you get your tires rotated or an oil change to have the servicer check the CV boots on the front axles to verify they are in good condition with no tears or leaking.

Can I have the kit installed locally rather than driving out to Utah to have it installed by Off Highway Van?

The crew at Off Highway Van enjoy meeting all those who bring their vans in to have the kit installed they understand that the distance or time commitment just doesn't work for some customers. That being the case suspension shops all over the nation have installed the lift kit with no problem, OHV is happy to provide a copy of the instructions to your shop of choice so they can review it first and then let you know if they are comfortable doing the installation assuming you are comfortable having them do the installation for you.

I have installed lift kits before, can I install this lift kit as well?

We do not recommend that the customer do the lift kit installation themselves. This lift kit does include adjustments to the engine subframe and OHV does not want a customer get stuck in the driveway because they didn't have the right tools, equipment, or experience.

Can I go rock crawling after I get the OHV lift and all terrain tires installed?

Yes, as long as you use a different vehicle.

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